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YOUYOUNG Innovation Newsletter - Q4.2022

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✓ Sandwich ✓ Single Knit ✓ Circular Knit JQD What’s New

✓ Thread Meshes Spotlight Back 02

Innovation 03

✓ Open Hole Foil coating


✓ Carbon Reduction Inspiration Trend Now

05 YY News

✓ YY focus on localization with YY-Indo ✓ Installed Solar Power in YYVN

W hat’s New



A. Volumed 3D pop-up material with Diamond pattern using Bright yarn. B. 2 tone unique hole shape looks different depending on viewing angle. C. Cushioning SW material having unique hole.



W hat’s New

Single Knit


A. Modern breathable net mesh combined thick & thin line. B. Open crocket pattern used thick denier creates hand-knitted appearance. C. Flower pattern net mesh with shiny backer.




W hat’s New

Circular Knit Jacquard




A. 2 Layer of Translucent material. B. Warm feel knit with broken linear pattern. C. Reveal black base when pull 3D pop-up top layer. Good stretchy.

S potlight Back

Thread Meshes 2 tone net meshes let shoe laces or wires pass through the holes.


Silver foil laminated to opened big hole SW material for iridescence effect. Foil coating available not only flat surface knits but also open hole SW materials.

Trend Now

Carbon Reduction Inspiration for a better world.

YY is proud to highlight our post industrial fiber in non-woven materials. The recycled fiber non-woven and mesh are combines into needle punching technology to form a double layer. Available using various mesh type for Top layer’s transformation. It aims to reduce carbon emissions by using recycles eco-friendly materials as base material and excluding other chemical processes in connecting layers.

YY News

YY focus on localization with YY-Indo.


SS24 FW24~SS25 FW25~

Type / Year




# of M/C


5 (+2ea)

7 (+2ea)

YD/M 45,000



Pair/M 150,000



Are you looking for innovative material capability in Indo in the future? You Young is waiting for the final system approval for our Indo Location. The YY Indo location is equipped with circular and warp knits and woven. You Young hopes that this location will save lead time & import tariff, and provide a wide variety of high-quality products at a competitive price. The YY Indonesia plant, which is expanding with a large investment, has begun to make Double Raschel Jacquard Warp knit. YY has already installed 3 of these double knit JQD warp machines and started trial operation. There will be more added in 2023.

Installed Solar Power in YYVN.

In addition to creating one of the largest textile mills in Vietnam with state of the art manufacturing equipment, YY is focusing on making strides in sustainability. YYVN is striving to practice carbon neutrality as an eco-friendly factory with Recycling WWTE, Biomass Boiler and Low Liquor Dyeing Machines together. Solar power panels have been installed on the rooftop of Building A. They will generate energy to weaving, dyeing, and finishing machines, with power of 4,867KW a day, which can replace about 20% of factory’s electricity usage. And it is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 1,200tons a year.

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