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- Q1.2024

Global Shoe Textile Leader



What’s New

✓ Sandwich ✓ Mesh ✓ Knit ✓ Circular Knit JQD



✓ Reflection material


YY News

✓ Meet at NW show in Jan. 31.

What’s New


2 layer of SW material featuring diamond pattern on the front and small open hole on the back side.

What’s New

2 tone of SW material with regular hole pattern on the front. Hole size can be customized.


Comfortable cushioning SW material with a varied hole pattern in different sizes.

What’s New

The shine of the base, visible through unique hole pattern, is attractive.


What’s New


Created dimensional wave pattern using spandex. Also has good stretch.

What’s New


Transparent stripe knit material using mono yarn. Good stretchy and recovery.

What’s New


A transparent & cushiony knit material using 22g double. The combination of mono yarn and spandex has created a transparent but subtle dimensional retro pattern.


SW material with a reflective film made of fine bead particles attached. It is an enchanting material that sparkles softly when exposed to light.

YY News

Let’s meet at coming NW show in Jan, 31.

NW show for the new year 2024 is about to begin. We are extremely excited to meet you at the same booth numbers 514 & 516, just like in the past. You can explore not only YY's FW25 new catalog but also a variety of new products, especially the intriguing 22g shell patterns and the new SWEM designs. Also, we have prepared concept shoe design boards to share inspiration by combining the FW25 collections, categorized under Running, Basketball, and Lifestyles. You can meet Rio, Sabrina, Jake, Daniel, and Simon at this NW show, so we are excited to see you face to face, have a great time, share trend concepts, and make new connections.







Meet the team working with US Brands:

Rio Park will continue to oversees and leads all sales teams as the Chief Sales Officer. Who is our contact?

Ji Young will continue be your incredible key contact to help you with your material

question and coordinating with the factories with Jake and Sabrina supporting from

the US office.

Want to know more about the team?

PDX office team: Jake and Sabrina are located in the US Portland office and studio

space. Sabrina is the team’s US based technical and innovation lead, who is

energetic about our innovation roadmap and education. Jake is our team lead who

brings his expertise and passion.

Korea HQ team: Jiyoung is joined on the team by Daniel and Simon, who closely

coordinate with the factory and align seamlessly with Sabrina and Jake as they work

to lead with other brands.

HEAD OFFICE & FACTORY 14, Sinsan-Ro, Saha-Gu, Busan, Korea Tel: +82-51-831-6511, Fax: +82-51-831-6514 E-mail: riopark@youyoungtx.co.kr YOUYOUNG PDX INC 12725 SWMillikan Way, Suite 300 (Office 321) Beaverton, OR 97005, USA Tel: +82-10-3879-9402 E-mail: jake@youyoungtx.co.kr sabrina.mallen@youyoungtx.com YOUYOUNG VINA Lot L, Viet Huong II IP, An Tay, Ben Cat, Binh Duong, Vietnam Tel: (84) 274 3579 007~10

E-mail : bryan.park@youyoungtx.co.kr PT. YOUYOUNG TEXTILE INDONESIA

Taman Industri Tigaraksa Sentasa, Blok A2-A3, JI, Raya Kutruk, RT 02/03, Tigaraksa, Cikupa, Kab. Tangerang, Indonesia Tel: (62) 2129698517 E-mail : albert@youyoungtx.co.kr

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