YY News

Localization focus with YY Indonesia

YY has been growing into a factory with environmentally friendly facilities but also with the capacity expansion to competitively supply a variety of products. Responsive: After receiving official approval from Nike, YY is now officially building a dyeing facility, adding 5 dyeing machines and 1 tentering machine, enabling self operation. As a result, the dyeing capacity will be 1,105,000 YD/Month. YY IDN will also proceed with the approval process for PP production. Responsible: The adopting of the Reverse Osmosis system, 90% of the total 300 ton/day of capacity is utilized as recycled dyeing water, and the remaining of 10% will be used for domestic water(Zero Discharge). Boilers for dyeing and operation use Compressed Natural Gas. The operations will commence in Jan, 2024.

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